Big Money Under the Dome – Leadership Pacs and other Abuses of Power

Posted on February 2, 2010

We can only hope that taxation of persons whose income is above $250,000 would include members of Congress. Focusing on the Senate, it has just come to light that Reid, not yet among the politically dead, is seeing his colleagues use money and influence in a bid for Senate Majority Leader.

New York’s Schumer,  vice chairman of the Democratic Conference, has been the biggest giver to Democratic Senate candidates via his leadership fund, contributing $210,000 to colleagues and candidates in search of votes to catapult him over Majority Whip Dick Durbin for the position.

Durbin is also busy dipping into that Congressional pig trough, the leadership fund – basically a PAC, for the same reason. Cool.  Here are men busily helping their President make his wish for increased taxes on persons earning over $250,000 come true and they are throwing money around among their peers to buy votes for Reid’s position.

Republicans visit the same PAC pig trough and live the life of luxury from its benefits. They are no better in this regard.

All this “process” – this “tradition” does is make the average tax payer and voter gag and then rage. Where is a model for fiscal restraint under the Capital dome?  Where is a model for the democratic process? While a Senator, Barack Obama surely participated in this “system.”

The President questions legal precedent for the recent Supreme Court decision regarding campaign donations and yet he is aware of the Congressional in-house giving program. Then too, he maintains a machine that, like invested funds, is held in trust for him during his term.  Organizing for America, formerly Organizing for Obama, continually calls for donations from the faithful on the campaign e-mail list to fund local election battles throughout the country.

At a time when taxes are coming down the road for rich and considerably less rich alike, to be reminded of how politicians handle money and power at a time like this in our nation’s history is mind numbing. It could turn us all to check out copies of “Rules for Radicals” from the public libraries left open during this fiscal retreat.

References: The Hill and The Washington Post.


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