High on Himself – Obama Enjoyed His SOTU Fantasy

Posted on January 28, 2010

In the President’s eyes, his resurrection was at hand. In his eyes, the SOTU  gave him the power to turn things around. Humor and charm were everywhere. He made a passing wave at sharing our pain and then told us he really hated to take some of the painful measures he had taken. It was rich, ironic tragicomedy.

For the benefit of all the little people he took on the giants out there. He excoriated members of the Supreme Court seated below and in front of him for their recent decision on campaign funding.

For the benefit of all those members of the middle class who knew Robin Hood, he took on that mantle and casually detailed his plan to rob from the rich big banks to give to the little ones. The little banks would loan the money to small businesses. Mere mention of his financial reform legislation pending in Congress brought derisive utterances in the hall.

Elsewhere he mentioned those he deemed as rich, you remember – the ones with over $250,000 in annual income.  They were listed under benefits that they and others would not see. He was meting out justice with a smile and a swagger of frightening shallowness.

Beneath all the self-congratulatory demeanor, the man still had his priorities skewed and screwed. The SOTU was all show and no substance.  Where was the war in Afghanistan and its cost in all of this?  The middle class are, in the main,  fighting this war. Where was the cost of welfare? Where was the cost to us of illegal immigration and his plans to resolve its problems?

He did double back to health care and he did mention some moves he’d like to made in education.  But these subjects were handled very broadly.

But the main problem with Barack Obama and his SOTU last night?  He identified with all of the issues in a way that was so personal and so very intrusive that few will get on board his fantasy flight to fix all of the problems. As long as he thinks he is out of reach – that the rules weren’t made for him and that he can say anything to anyone, he can sow only seeds of division and impossibility.  We laugh when he utters the word “hope” because he is the primary force in killing it off.  Where is the hope when the President continues down the road to self deception and destruction?


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