BREAKING NEWS: SamHenry Takes Week of Vacation

Posted on January 20, 2010

The international community has been stunned with the revelation that SamHenry will be taking a week of vacation from January 21 – January 29.  As the news broke, the stock market dipped ever so slightly and web readership markedly decreased.

However, anonymous sources have confirmed that this break will benefit both SamHenry and the blog. The ole dawg’s spirit will be refreshed and writing skills improved – especially spelling.

Due to chronic dithering in Washington, the world’s work will not have moved forward significantly. While this will not benefit the country, it will make it easier for SH to catch up on events and recoup a lost readership.

Let’s meet back here around the 30th – unless of course SamHenry finds a computer on vacation!

L-R Impulse (Imp) and SamHenry relax in their back yard spring, 2009


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