Paws on the Ground for Brown: VotingFemale in Massacusetts

Posted on January 16, 2010

Fait attention, Monsieur Obama!

There’s a voting female who lives in Massachusetts and knows it and its politics well.  She sharpened her Conservative claws on liberal national politics when the YOUR machine took down Hillary Clinton during election 2008. YOUR methods did not escape her.

That was when blogger VotingFemale was born, wink wink, you betcha!  Among the biggest bloggers in the blogosphere, hers has been a career built on the Obama lessons of election 2009 but,  like Sarah Palin, moving forward using the lessons of the past as fuel.

The Native American part of her is classic truth teller.  As a CNN iReporter, that often put her at odds with the mainstream view. But her “CAT” nature not only gives her intellect defensive claws and a stinging bite but also a flexibility few see behind her truth-telling –  the truth that oft-times hurts.  And they miss the unique humor that has the blogosphere echoing HAHAHAHAHAHA!

VotingFemale is in the vanguard of those exposing the truth behind your “teachable moments” and messianic preachings. She is a patient watcher and student of every aspect of  your power from the Czars to the OFA.

And now you are in her territory.  You and your storm troopers need to beware:  “There’s a [CAT] among you taking notes…” and reporting!

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