Butt Bombs and “Anatomically Congruent” Underwear – Al’Qaeda Gets Down and Dirty

Posted on December 29, 2009

The sad fact is that as we are perfecting whole body scanning, al-Qaeda is busily keeping up with our technology and testing their “anatomically congruent” underwear against it.

A body scanner at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport would not necessarily have detected the explosives which the would-be syringe bomber, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab had sewn into his underwear. A Dutch military intelligence source told De Telegraaf newspaper that Al Qaeda has its own security scanners and has been practicing ways of concealing explosives.

The terrorist group has even carried out test runs at smuggling explosives through European airports, the paper reports.

On Monday Schiphol’s operational manager Ad Rutten said the explosives carried by the 23-year-old Nigerian Abdulmutallab may well have been detected had he been scanned by one of the airport’s 15 body scanners. Schiphol was the first airport to run a trial of body scanners, which use sound waves to see through passengers’ clothing. At present the scanners are only an optional alternative to the conventional metal detector, as European privacy laws prevent them being made compulsory.[Radio Netherlands Worldwide]

Because Europe and the United States are primarily democracies, our governments have to move haltingly to implement more whole body scanning programs throughout the nation. Privacy issues have to be worked through and some kind of middle of the road solution found to satisfy most people. At the very least the units will not prove time worthy if the line comes to a halt due to a complaining traveler.

We next have to coordinate our scanning policies with those of Europe and other nations. Now al-Qaeda doesn’t have these problems. They just have to study our machines and our procedures and practices and play their game.

Surprisingly back in October, bombs inserted into the rectum had been used and were being discussed but, in the case of Kurt Nemmo at infowars.com, with a jaundiced eye:

The Times Online reports today that travelers in Europe may face intrusive airport security measures in response to an absurd stunt by Abdullah Hassan al-Asiri who blew himself up in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in August with a bomb allegedly inserted in his rectum. The terrorist, supposedly a member of al-Qaeda, was attempting to assassinate Prince Muhammad bin Nayef, the Saudi anti-terrorism chief, when he blew himself into some 70 odd pieces, according to the Times.

The "butt bomb" al-Qaeda patsy Abdullah Hassan al-Asiri.

It is said al-Qaeda has promised to put instructions on assembling and concealing such a device on the internet. In yet another al-Qaeda video, released in early September, al-Asiri, who was one of Saudi Arabia’s most wanted suspects, shows off the metal cylinder and larger detonator which he carried to meet the Saudi minister.

Now governments in Europe and so-called terrorism experts in the U.S. are warning that terrorists may attempt to use a rectum bomb to bring down commercial airliners.

Kurt Nemmo continues:

“Such a blast, though limited in force, could be catastrophic in a pressurized airliner, say experts. Counter-measures would be draconian. As well as taking off shoes and handing in liquids, passengers could be subjected to X-ray screening or be required to hand in all electronic devices because they could be used as detonators, police commanders told Le Figaro newspaper,” Charles Bremner and Marie Tourres write for the British news website.

The Daily Mail reports that French anti-terror chiefs are expected to propose new measures in response to the ludicrous “keister bomb” threat, such as full body X-rays or handing in all electronic devices, thus making airports even more restrictive and intrusive Gestapo zones.

As it turns out, Hassan al-Asiri probably did not shove a bomb up his butt. When the bomb went off there was a flash of light, suggesting that the bomb was not hidden inside the assassin’s body, according to CNN. Doctors consulted by the Saudi government judged that the toxicity of the plastic explosives would make them hard to hold for many hours inside the rectum, and the environment in this area of the body would make detonation “difficult,” according to the Saudi official close to the investigation. [InfoWars.com]

So is all of this “bogus” as Kemmo concludes?  Are we having whole body scanning machines foisted on us in a kind of financial, time and psychological overkill?  Haven’t we been subjected to enough – been brought down as low as we can go?

Some days it might be simpler to return to the days of the Salem witch trials. Innocent albeit exceedingly interesting women were murdered and an entire village found a way to make it legal. Not surprisingly their descendants found a way to make the event a  publishable story and the village a tourist destination.

Perhaps we need to bring some of that good old Yankee ingenuity to bear on the war on terror.  We are just floundering and reacting.  By the time our overly large government “fixes” this problem, the war will be over and the entire Arabian Peninsula will have access to Affordable Health Care for Arabians 2012.


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