The Chinese in Pakistan; Israel, the US and Britain in India – What’s going on?

Posted on December 7, 2009

Those 30,000 additional troops the President will be deploying to the theater in Afghanistan will run up against a few hurdles.  It is becoming a more complex area of the world by the day with ever-increasing danger.

The welcome mat is out for the Chinese in Pakistan.  They are now opening up their markets to Chinese weaponry and aircraft. [Jane’s]

China’s military aircraft industry has been steadily developing a line of products that would allow it to compete on world markets. Newly developed platforms – such as the Chengdu J-10/FC-20 fighter, FC-1/JF-17 strike aircraft and the Hongdu L-15 advanced jet trainer – have been advancing, along with improved versions of older aircraft like the Shenyang J-11/J-11B/BS and F-8 fighters and the Xian JH-7A fighter bomber.

There have also been commensurate advancements in weapon systems, radars and sensors, avionics and state-of-the-art ‘glass’ cockpit configurations.

You will remember that under the Clinton administration, air craft technology as well as limited manufacture were transferred to the Chinese [Newsmax]

Perhaps as a countermeasure to this, The US and Britain are working with India to train and shore up their military. India’s Defense Minister sees the growing relationship between China and Pakistan as a threat:

The growing defence relationship between China and Pakistan represents a “serious concern” for India, Defence Minister A K Antony said on 27 November.

Speaking in New Delhi, Antony made reference to the increased number of joint Sino-Pakistan military platforms being developed, the transfer of Chinese military technologies to Islamabad and the role that Chinese companies are playing in developing Pakistan’s defence industries. [Jane’s]

As a result of the growing threat not only of Pakistan but of China, India has made more effort to diversify its sources for military equipment and expertise – away from the Russian dominated procurement route.  This has opened up opportunities for American and British manufacturers. [Strategic Studies Quarterly]

At an old British base, Indian and American forces train for joint operations in the region:

While joint foreign deployments may be some time off, the most complex war game between the two countries has made one thing clear — India

and US can now operate together in a hostile environment like Iraq or Afghanistan and deliver the goods.

“I will be comfortable going with the Indian Army anywhere, anytime,” said Lt Gen Benjamin Mixon, Commander, US Army, Pacific at the conclusion of a 15-day exercise that involved over 300 US troops and 17 Stryker ICVs brought in from Hawaii []

One final note about a country that is also working with India’s military:

The Indian army will send thousands of special forces troops to Israel for training to fight Islamic militants in troubled Kashmir, and the two countries have signed a multimillion-dollar weapons deal, a news report said Sunday.An Indian Defense Ministry delegation will visit Israel next week to discuss anti-insurgency warfare training for its special forces, the Press Trust of India news agency quoted unidentified ministry officials as saying.

India and Israel have also signed a US$30 million agreement to arm special forces with advanced light weapons systems, the news agency said.

As 30,000 more of our  young men and women wait to deploy under the President’s new orders, concern rises about the speed with which they can gear up and the equipment they will have to do the job. []

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