Obama to Taliban – Don’t Worry – be Happy – only 30,000 Troops

Posted on December 2, 2009

Well, now, Press Secretary Gibbs was a great warm-up act for the President today discussing the main points the President would make.  Oh, and what a stroke a genius for the Commander-in-Chief to deliver his Afghan strategy speech to the nation from  West Point with the Cadets looking on in awe.

Obama took a circus bareback rider position on troop levels: he had one foot on the back of the 30,000 American troops war-horse; the other on the back of the NATO nag.  But promises are one thing; realized dreams another. With his inexperience, we can only hope he has locked in some assurances of support from NATO and beyond – from all the 43 nations fighting with us in Afghanistan.  He could easily fall or fail.

Short of knowing what kinds of agreements the President was able to reach with other nations, 30,000 does not sound as if the Taliban will be overwhelmed with this news. At a distance it seems as if he is signaling to them “yes, I’m going to have a surge but I don’t really mean it.”

And to his demoralized troops he seemingly says in earnest: “Let me be clear, I am 100% behind  you, but not your commanding General.”

Regardless, he finally did made a major decision AND got the green light from France’s Sarkozy that he will round-up more NATO troops to help wrap up this thing.  Obama not having paid a great deal of attention to Europe and, worse, having canceled installation of the missile shield there, is not seen as a trustworthy ally.

Sarkozy has happily filled the void. He has become a leader in the EU and has offered his services as a mediator between Syria and Israel.  Nine months ago, Sarkozy was berating Obama in the press.  The tenuous relationship between these two men will bear watching.  At least one hungry BEAR will be watching – Russia – always anxious to gnaw on the bones of a weakened alliance.


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