Security Breaches at 2 US Bases within 72 Hours

Posted on November 5, 2009

flagOne person is now thought to have been involved in the attack at Ft. Hood, Texas.  Identified as the shooter is Army Major Nadal Malik Hasan,  a psychiatrist.  A  native born Muslim, he had issues with being shipped overseas and had been the focus of some harassment over his religion and his as yet undisclosed ethnicity.

Tonight the Army revealed that Hasan did not die during the shooting but is in stable condition in hospital.  That he has lived gives hope to those who are seeking answers to his motivation and to achieve closure.

Ft. Hood is the largest US base in terms of number of personnel.  It has families and a large number of civilian workers on the premises. It was a civilian policewoman on the base that took the shooter down.  This evening, she is reported in stable condition.  At this writing, 12 are confirmed dead; 31 have been wounded.

The attack came at the Soldier Readiness Facility that comprises several buildings – an area where personnel are processed to go overseas. It has been confirmed that all deaths occurred during this incident in this area.

Immediately as a precaution, word went out to other military facilities to be on the alert for similar actions.  While it was made known within a couple of hours that terrorism was not suspected, it will remain for the FBI to investigate the situation to determine the true nature of the attack.  But as a Fox News reporter observed, “Lone wolf” attacks such as the one Hasan carried out are virtually impossible to prevent. [based on AP, Reuters, FOX and CNN reports]

In a separate incident and on the west coast at Washington State’s Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor, a group of 5 anti-war protesters associated with the international peace group Plowshares breached base security under a full moon. Armed with bolt cutters, they made it past 3 groups of fencing to the area where nuclear missiles are stored for the 10 trident submarines at the base.  They were virtually in plain sight during their entire operation.

Cited on suspicion of trespassing and destruction of government property were Bill Bischel, 81, a Catholic priest from Tacoma; Anne Montgomery, 83, a nun from New York; Susan Crane, 65, of Baltimore; Lynne Greenwald, 60, of Bremerton; and Steve Kelly, 60, of Oakland, Calif.

Taken together with the arrests in past weeks of individuals associated with terrorist cells, it is clear that increasingly our domestic civil and military facilities are not wholly secure and, in certain situations, cannot be secured.


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