Monsieur Obama, Je Regrette….

Posted on November 4, 2009

Second Thoughts for

November 4, 2009

By SamHenry

So many Independents, Republicans of a liberal bent and other assorted types are sending in their regrets to Monsieur Obama.  They regret that they voted for him.  November 2, the

New York Times went with a headline,”In Iowa, Euphoria Gives way to Second Thoughts” for an overview of current sentiment in a state that went big for Obama:

In few places did people get a longer and closer look at Mr. Obama than in Iowa, a swing state home to deep strains of both conservatism and liberalism. Mr. Obama was a constant presence here during the formative months of his candidacy. Many voters have pictures of him on their mantels, looking him in the eye as they took a measure of the man and the politician before giving him a crucial victory in the caucuses.

The article reported interviews with Iowans who, in the main, were now disenchanted. Some people there were so overcome by his charm offensive that they had changed parties.  Today their disappointment is seen in several areas – change that is too slow in coming, too much government intervention in private companies, and impatience with Obama’s blaming others for the current state off affairs.  In short, the bloom is off the rose.

The “official” word that Obama’s political capital may have drained considerably have been the stalemate over the American Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009 and the loss of governor positions in Tuesday’s elections in Virginia and New Jersey.  The New Jersey democratic loss comes just days after the President campaigned there. Hoffman performed well but lost in the special congressional election in the 23rd district.

Liberal media were caught with their disappointment showing.  The tenor and tone at CNN was that election results did not prove anything definitive that it was just a shift in the wind’s direction.

Sarah Palin continues with her program of “shock and awe” in her endorsements.   As in the presidential election, the votes of independents and independents who were conservative put the Republican candidates over the top. Sarah Palin 2. jpg

Tea party and Palin phone banks outstripped Organizing for America, the former Obama campaign internet and media tool.  Obama sat back and let his former grass-roots organization do their job.  But they did not “work” the important areas such as the youth vote.  Now that they have had a wake-up call, we can look to tougher campaigns.

However, Conservatives ran the kind of campaign that was all-inclusive and attracted the needed grass-roots votes.  They were there for the disillusioned who regretted their vote for him. They now see beneath the charm offensive. Even before polls closed, the White House let the nation know that the President was not watching the campaign results on TV but was watching a sporting event.

As a former Republican voter for Obama and Conservative convert with a dash of Independent, I am writing this to say, Monsieur Obama, Je regrette….


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