Halloween: Behind Obama’s Mask; Another Mask – The Political Funnies for October 31,2009

Posted on October 31, 2009

obama haloween mask

Hey, I found this draft Halloween speech of the President’s on the pavement outside the White House.  His official speech was a lot different from this. He wears lots of masks:

Let me make this perfectly clear: “Happy Fall Festival.”  Michelle and I would like you to think of us as you go from house to house begging.  Soon, it will be part of  your job description in the new world order I’ve crafted for you.

Cap and Trade, Health Care Reforms and taxes will mean that you may have to beg more times than at Halloween.  This cost-saving activity has been calculated into these measures under the heading of efficiencies.

You can practice the principles of begging almost anywhere in the new economy. When  next  you go into a new car showroom, Uncle Sam won’t be with you.  You’re on  your own.  That cash for clunkers program ended up costing taxpayers about $25,000 per deal.  You will have to do better .  I know you can – yes you can!

To our troops overseas, hey, it’s scary enough already.  But maybe you could go to one of those soft target markets for food before the crowds gather and get some fresh vegetables. Michele would be so happy about that.  Because I will be using Aircraft one to go to a Halloween Party in Chicago – a place that has always been scary- I can’t really afford to send you  special rations and a treat.

I’m sorry I can’t send you some additional troops right away.  Usually haste makes waste but I have begun to notice that delay is deadly.  But you know, lots of corporations on the home front are having to keep in business with fewer workers.  This will let you know that we are expecting no less from you.

These are not Viet Nam conditions; these are depression conditions. I am so depressed, I just can’t get my priorities straight, I just can’t make decisions.  When I go for ice cream with my first daughters, I can’t even make up my mind what flavor to get but at least I remember to take the press along.  I took them to Dover when I went to meet some of your fallen comrades.  Very moving, very moving. I don’t know how to stop that.

Finally, I hope that all of  you will go out next week and start spending yourselves out of this depression.  The winter holiday season is coming and a lot of presents – some even under some kind of holiday tree  – will help dispel fears of what life will be like in a future filled with more taxes and fewer services.


Socialism is my lasting gift to you.  Sorry I had to trick  you to give  you this treat!


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