Afghan War Shift To Pakistan? Obama’s Deadly Delays Mean More Trips to Dover – Second Thoughts for October 29, 2009

Posted on October 30, 2009

President Obama has said that he will not send more troops into Afghanistan for a classic “surge” until a viable strategy is formed and there is a stable, participatory government in place. Clearly there is, as yet no government that is in control of Afghanistan, a country prone to civil war. But he knew this BEFORE the Afghan election.

The  White House may also be laying aside the McChrystal  request for additional troops because it came in the midst of  White House consideration of a possible shift in policy.  But where is General McChrystal?  In solitary confinement?  Or has he resigned?

Regardless, our military needs a Commander-in-Chief with spine and the ability to act swiftly and decisively. Every minute he hesitates, more of our men and women are at risk.  He had to go to Dover.  Those deaths are at his door.

The following videos further outline the scope of the difficulty faced in the region.  These videos have been carefully selected and bear significant data on the current situation in Afghanistan, Pakistan and the White House.

Daniel Ellsberg  – the man who released the “Pentagon Papers” during the Vietnam War” weighs in on the inevitability of defeat in Afghanistan and what is at stake for Obama as he decides what to do.


This week the administration arrived in Pakistan in the form of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  While Mrs. Clinton visited Islamabad, a car bomb blast killed 100 or more innocent civilians at a local marketplace in Peshawar:

The Taliban seem determined both to weaken the government of Pakistan and to draw us into a war there.  However, the government of Pakistan President continues to limit the US to certain areas where drone attacks have been sanctioned.  It is hoped that Hillary Clinton’s visit this week to try to reduce anti-American sentiment may turn the tide in the future role of US troops in country.

Clearly Europe and America are concerned about the nuclear armaments there.  Were Pakistan to become a militant Islamist republic, a war with its neighbor, India could turn  nuclear.  Here is her message to the Pakistani people and the militant Islamists  following the tragedy at Peshawar:

But could this be the determining factor in Obama’s decision:

If additional troops are sent to Afghanistan, we had better pray they are posted in and around Pakistan.



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