National Emergencies – Stuff You Need; Who to Call; Will My TV Work? The Political Funnies for October 26,2009b

Posted on October 27, 2009

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October 26, 2009

by Sam Henry

The President announced a National Emergency over H1N1 this past weekend.  Why the weekend?  Certainly the news will bypass most people.  Perhaps because the President gains additional powers whenever he declares one.  He decides. Perhaps the White House Chef could have a national emergency declared if a souffle falls?

I have all of this duct tape and plastic sheeting in my basement and I don’t know which Administration to thank/blame for it.  When I think of what else I could have bought with that money, I am sick.  But recently I read that we still should have this “stuff” on hand for emergencies as well as a lot of other “stuff.” homeland1

I am more than relieved that somewhere in cyberspace I read that the government and/or the manufacturers of face masks and hand sanitizer don’t want you to stock up on them.  I can acccept that.  I am running out of storage space for these kinds of supplies.  I have no room left for canned goods.  I would survive the emergency but starve a few days later unless Wendy’s reopened.

When I was a kid, if you got caught in a fire, you put a bandana over your nose and mouth, put on a pair of comfortable shoes, and learned how to get the hell out of the building via a pre-planned route.   Oh, and you didn’t have to wash your hands for this one.  We were taught other “survival” tasks as well by different segments of our society.  The Girl Scouts taught you how to cook an egg on an empty tuna can, and if the Russians bombed us, we learned how to “duck and cover” under our desks at school.  I guess if you were home, you were on your own.

Now this last presidential declaration of a national emergency (this one relating to the H1N1 virus) had to do with health issues. So if you  have questions, you will want to know who to call and the telephone number.  Do we use the same number as the one for Homeland Security?

There is one reliable resource you can consult on this. Sadly it will let  you know our government is now too large to even make sense of before you find that for which you are looking!   The Government Printing Office or GPO has the “US Government Manual” on their web page.  This is the official manual of the US government. You may purchase one or utilize its resources on-line.  the facts are coming

Further information available on this website will be found at a tab titled: Find a Federal Depository Library. Certain public and college/university libraries are designated as depository libraries and they receive and house different amounts of government publications.  Any citizen may visit a depository library and check out publications that circulate.

One last invaluable resource tool with all kinds of information (some state information) about the federal government including statistics is at website  Now here you may finally arrive at an answer to that all-important question: during a national emergency, will my TV work!


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