Fuzzy Future For Old Farts under Obamacare: – The Political Funnies for October 25, 2009

Posted on October 25, 2009

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The Political Funnies for

October 25, 2009

At 67, barring death from flu or auto (since I can’t drive in or walk a straight line anymore), life under Obamacare  will be fraught with fear. As with many of his moves in other areas  of the economy, the ones relating to health care will all be announced on weekends.  Witness the H1N1 flu emergency that gives him powers beyond flu management.

We know how aware Obama is of the 24-hour news cycle.  He has taunted reporters with his knowledge of  it countless times. Is it any wonder then that he fired or caused to resign the former CEO of GM, Rick Wagoner, on a Sunday (March 29)?

Let’s face it, his White House Director of Communications should have known better than to quote Mao at a school graduation on a Thursday!  The media’s storm that followed should make her check her calendar more closely – and her history.  Mao represented individuality only insofar as it related to himself as a leader.  Communism does not foster individuality.  On the contrary, it more or less kills it.

When it comes to further management of my age group, those announcements will not only be made on weekends, but will be pegged for midnight, Saturdays followed by Obama fireside chats Sundays confessing to the nation that he really hated to do that to the old and weak.

So little money will be given to our care and disposition at death that I envision my obituary will read:

Died from lack of medical and spiritual care under the direction of a doctor who was over-tired  and under paid and had, as a result, developed a very bad bedside manner.

She was cremated using a bunsen burner due to lack of funding for disposal.

Her ashes were strewn in the compost pile of the local community garden.

She will pop up in some form in the spring.

So I send out a call to arms to the aging boomers and beyond.  Do not go quietly into that nursing home. Buy an iPod or other small communication device and strap it to your ankle next to the stiletto.  We will need to keep on blogging on Quebec free internet ( Obama will have control of US internet ISPs).

President Obama, while you are busy either announcing policy, flying off to a summit or languishing at Camp David, under the radar thousands of elderly victims of elder care will be tweeting and blogging like a trillion pesky bees.  A trillion comes easily to mind.  It is the current projected cost for health care reform.  How can we pay for these  bright, socialist ideas?


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