Someone’s In the Kitchen With China, Someone’s In the Kitchen I Know….The Political Funnies for October 22, 2009

Posted on October 22, 2009

ping on the plankThe Political Funnies for

October 22, 2009

By SamHenry

All kids love stories.  I loved the story of that duck who lived in China on the Yangtze River, PING.

Now we have a new story out of China.  China loves the White House Director of Communications, Anita Dunn, because she shared the teachings of Chairman Mao with school children.  Better yet, she bravely withstood criticism for it from the Evil Spirit, Glenn Beck.

WOW. This woman has singlehandedly achieved the kind of  rapprochement with a foreign nation few career diplomats can even imagine.  But hold, now Glenn Beck is known all over China!  Thanks, Obama. Now Glenn’s gone global!

In my last post , “Listening at Key Holes” I ended with the theory that as freedoms under this Administration melt away, more people will come out from behind closed doors and we will fully learn who is really running this country.  Well guess what!  The Fat Lady Just Sang!

The awesome thing about all of this is that Joe Biden didn’t do this.  If he had, he would have been sent on another trip to Iraq.  This was carried out by a media maven who welcomed the criticism and then put in a call to the Chinese godfather. Everyone at 1600 PA Ave must be thrilled! It proves Chicago-style politics has a future on the international stage.

Well Beck came out of this a winner. He and FOX get even more viewers and he owes nothing to China!  Sad to say that Anita will be stuck in the kitchen with China cooking up all kinds of things foxfor the American palette that we will have to swallow.

Who is the big looser here?  OBAMA.  He doesn’t know it yet but ANITA just let the rat out of the bag and now America knows what side the Administration is really on.


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