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SamHenry’s Elder Valentine’s Day 2011 – A Day Many “Best” Efforts Fail

February 15, 2011


Valentine’s Day?  As the heart grows older, it turns to the best wishes to others to have a good one – especially those who are planning a big surprise for a loved one.  The big surprise usually is multiple big disappointments: flowers arrive dead, wrong or not at all and the recipient is either mad […]


December 31, 2010


Stand back, you may get trampled by people rushing out of this year as fast as they can unmindful that the media have been busy preparing platters of new fears for us in 2011.  Here.  Have some: How about $5.00 a gallon gas? We would all buy “green cars” but we’re out of work and […]

SamHenry’s Low Regard for High Sugar Stale Christmas Cookies

December 27, 2010


It has begun.  The re-gifting of Christmas cookies.  You can have a sign on your forehead that you are pre-diabetic but this does not deter the determination of a Christmas cookie re-gifter.  No, they want to pass along the feeling of having had too much sugar as quickly as possible. Whenever you hear someone is […]

SamHenry on Trimming the Tree and Christmas 2010

December 12, 2010


Whitney is an addition to our family. She is a year old Labrador Retriever.  She loves to chew on the tender branches of all of my prized bushes – azaleas, oak leaf hydrangea, etc.  They are all there for her in her dog brain. There is now of course a tree indoors – the Christmas […]

SamHenry’s Picks for Cheap Saturday Night Flicks for 12/4/2010

December 4, 2010


OK so we’re seriously into the season of joy in our hearts, worry in our minds and no money in our pockets.  We are really in need of some cheap trips to fantasy land via SamHenry’s picks for flicks this Saturday. Menorahs bring the gift of light that reminds us of one among many successful […]

Is It PC to Say “Happy Thanksgiving”?

November 25, 2010


Political correctness doesn’t take a day off.  We probably ought to be terribly careful and say “Happy Holiday” in case someone is celebrating something else somewhere in the world today.  With globalization, we can’t just stop the PC at our borders. And this isn’t the holiday my Jewish friends eat at Chinese restaurants. How did […]

SamHenry on Holidays Alone

November 24, 2010


SamHenry has,  for a variety of reasons, been alone on several holidays.  It can actually be quite beautiful for its peace and  reflection that builds inner strength and peace; for happy memories of holidays past, peopled with those you love; and for the realization that the state of being alone is the basic human condition. […]

Strangely Believe It: William Shatner’s Death Mask Used for 1978 Movie Halloween?

October 30, 2010


“Strangely believe it,” but William Shatner’s death mask made for Star Trek was doctored up and used in the low-budget first Halloween movie.  Look carefully at the central character, the returned from the dead Michael Myers and you will become a believer. Here, Shatner and his daughter discuss how all of this came about: Now […]

Bad Times Deserve a Good Christmas So “Deck” the Dems Nov 2, Then the Halls!

October 27, 2010


Don’t forget to vote November 2.  While SamHenry tries to maintain a journalistic neutral position, this year in the face of election fraud, massive and destructive lies, it is less easy.  The decision is always yours but you must go to the polls and vote.  Then, turn your thoughts to the Holiday Season. For some […]

NYC Muslims Seek 2 School Holidays

July 14, 2010


It had to happen.  By their growing numbers and the high tide of political correctness, New York City can add to its pressures from Muslims the push for school holidays for their faith.  New  Yorkers are already pressed by the move to build a mosque near ground zero.  Now parents of Muslim students are taking […]

Bastille Day 2010 – Vive La France

July 14, 2010


For those of you who have never visited George Washington’s home, Mount Vernon, there is something special hanging in a place of honor on the first floor:  one of the keys to the hated prison in France, la Bastille.   It was presented to our first president by the people of France.  The Bastille was stormed […]

Breaking the American Spirit – Obama and His Posse’s Wild Ride

July 3, 2010


Yes there was a global financial meltdown and yes most people had been suffering the ravages of financial ruin due to medical costs. There were also countless inequities in how citizens were taxed and treated by their government and by each other. But rather than learn the ways of the American “animal”  and try to […]


June 20, 2010


This father’s day and every father’s day I thank my step-father for furthering the work of my late father, a truly brave man. A World War II test pilot, his bravery in the face of certain death in a plane in trouble was more than out paced by the bravery he showed in the face […]

Everyone’s Having a Good Time this Memorial Day Weekend, Right?

May 30, 2010


Maybe.  As usual it depends on how old you are, how hooked up you are and how financially solvent you are if you can’t imagine a good time without spending  lots of money.  Mainly, it depends on your point of view: What IS a good time? I have friends of all ages – lesson one […]

Security May be a Reason Obama in Chicago Memorial Day 2010

May 25, 2010


With his poll numbers hovering at their lowest, with people out of work, with an oil spill and immigration issues fueling anger in the South, with the threat of war in North and South Korea, with Europeans convinced Wall Street is the epicenter of the global financial disaster, and with millions of people free to […]


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